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7 reasons to do Neti Neti Meditation



It is simple and not complex.


You don’t have to spend years going to forests to achieve enlightenment. There is no need to sacrifice your work or lifestyle. The classes are suitable for beginners, an open mind is all that is needed. 


Though the experience is priceless the classes are free!


There are no hidden charges and you don’t pay for your meditation. If you miss a class you, no need to worry just attend the next one. The neti neti classes allows the mind to blossom by opening up to the possibility of knowing peace.


The outcome


You will not only feel relaxed and at ease but also a yearning to dwell further on knowing your true self. Neti Neti meditation is a journey to be in a continuous state of calmness. It is several thousands years old meditation and is the most rarest as it adds nothing new but takes away all the layers between you and YOU.


All Faiths


The Centre for Oneness is an interfaith centre where people from all faiths share their universal values of respect, love and compassion. By attending Neti Neti we begin the value the flow of wisdom from all sources be it Jesus, Buddha or Rumi. This further enriches the neti neti experience. Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus and Sikhs attend the meditation classes.


Take it in your own stride


There is no set pace or stages. Everyone is an individual and we all feel peace in our own stride. Neti Neti is tailored to fulfill your needs, to allow the feeling of finding stillness in all that moves in your stride.




The Centre for Oneness in Wednesbury are one of the thousands of centres across the world. Millions of people have enjoyed the peace from attaining enlightenment 'gyan'.


Gyan 'enlightenment'


The neti neti meditation leads to a moment called the gyan 'enlightenment' This is moment of awakening. Something which can be experienced by a seeker who sincerely wishes to know the true-self. After this experience you would be able to meditate on 'Lasting Peace' anywhere be it in a library or a noisy shopping mall.

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