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What others are saying


I found the guided meditation refreshing. I felt so relaxed i did not want it to end. Even after audio music stopped playing 

and I felt inner music playing from within. Wonderful ~ Christopher


Just a few thoughts on Neti Neti this evening. I really loved it. I appreciated the explanation at the start it was valuable. The music was relaxing along with your voice. It was simple and just right in terms of the timing. My mind was and is still. Chatter free. I felt emotional at the end in a loving way and could have cried with joy. Thank you. I hope to attend the next session. It was like medicine. ~ Janet


It was calming and relaxing. I lay down and felt totally at home. Thank you so much ~ Darren


I felt as though all the pressures from the shoulders lifted and i felt completly light ~ Sumeet


I felt such postive energy surround me. It was wonderful. ~ Natalia Budzan


Thanks for the meditation class today, was really nice to meet someone so uplifting ~ Robert Cichocki


I feel so conected with myself after the meditation. After a long day at work, this felt like a holiday ~ Luke


A lovely guided meditation, very relaxing and refreshing! and free. ~ Victoria


Thank you so much the only thing is i just did not want it to end.~ Roxanne


Makes me feel right at home. I feel as though i belong to this feeling all along ~ Janet 


I feel at peace and totally relaxed. This is perfect after a long days work ~ Alex


I wish I could do this everyday ~ Mandy


I was able to switch off completly. The meditation was very calming and soothing ~ Pammi


I felt completly relaxed and all the tention in my body just fell away ~ Alan


Just wanted to say that I was floating during this meditation experience - rather than connecting to my breath, focussing on an image or perceiving the rising of an energy or light within, 'neti-neti' allowed my heart and soul to open up to the entire universe. I felt intimately part of the whole, and the whole seemed to fill me completely. I recommend Surj's meditative approach to all, as a life enhancing experience. ~ Dr Bobby


Very greatful for todays experience of peace and tranquility ~ Claire Leavy



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