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School of Neti-Neti Meditation

Surjit Dhami


From the age of 7, I was engaged in studying ancient scriptures and meditative techniques. I was inspired to meditate further at the age of 10 when I observed Buddhist monks at Tibet. From the age of 18 I visited various temples to study ancient scriptures and seek guidance in Jnana Yoga (Yoga of wisdom) from wise sages. Jnana Yoga in scriptures is regarded as the most difficult and direct path of all yogas. I mastered jnana yoga by practising its root technique Neti Neti ‘not this not that’ which is the oldest and rarest of all meditations. . Neti Neti yoga meditation is the path to peace and unwavering joy which is formless and without limits. I received a moment of enlightenment 'Gyan' from His Holiness Nirankari BabaJi. Now a new journey begins for me that which has no beginning!


Surjit Dhami


Computing Science (Bsc) Hons


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