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Feel stressed? Burned out? or worried? Neti Neti, meaning, "Not this, Not that", is the method of Vedic analysis of negation which takes away not only the problem but the root of the cause as well.


Neti Neti is a keynote of Vedic inquiry. It explains an expression of something inexpressible, it expresses the ‘suchness’ (the essence) of that which it refers to when ‘no other definition applies to it’. 


Neti Neti was practised by Advaita sages who where able to be aware of everything that moves as well as being aware of the the stillness which was previously unknown. 


Neti-Neti is one of the oldest meditation techniques in the world. You do not have to be an expert. A beginner can enjoy the benefit from the wisdom of Neti-Neti. It is now available to anyone seeking freedom in the knowledge of true self.


Neti Neti is a process of selective non-attention to a aspect of the total field of awareness. This is unique compared to other traditions. The series of contemplations in the Cula-Sunnata Sutta Buddhist sacred texts and the ancient Vedas refer to experiencing through Neti-Neti a direct experience with the vast fascinating void.


Each stage in Neti Neti we are adding nothing new, but simply removing attention from some aspect of the previous contemplation. There is nothing new to attain, and nowhere to go but to be completely aware.The best way to understand each stage of Neti-Neti is that it is what is left when you remove the previous object of attention. It is amazing to see what we have missed because our attention was somewhere else.


Just as a huge sky is delusional, if it believes it is a small cloud. Neti Neti allows the rays of understanding to pierce through the cloud to enable the sky to appear as clear as it is - clear as day.


All the small things that niggle at us throughout the day causes distress and suffering. The free meditation classes will allow the small things dissolve in feeling the presence of that vastness.

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